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We believe that the Search Engine( Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) are based on machine algorithm and according to them they rank there result. But as the human behavioral and nature cannot be interpreted in the form of algorithm, it cannot be practically assumed or portrait  as best possible ranking.

So How do we do that?

Web Search Engine came into existence a decade ago, when we din’t had any social network to form large social cluster. And hence they did not taken account for these social cluster.

But, Now we have a large user base using social networks. Everyday they keep on commenting, linking and sharing links and hence creating a huge social structure. And we trust on that.

The Solution!

Social Search, deny the ranking “Web Search Engine” provides us,  we take there Web Search Result links and evaluate them against “Social Cluster” and then rank them. So that we come up with the best possible results, based on human behavior and patterned on real rational world.

“World Is Full of Social People, Why Isn’t Search Engines are.”

Social Search for Windows Phone. Coming Soon.

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One response to “Social Search: Socialized Search Engine”

  1. Anamkia Tiwar says :

    Great concept.

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