Windows Phone unlocking tool being discontinued


With Mehdoh going and this being MetroTube’s last day, we figured why not go for the trifecta? Yes, in a late-breaking story here, ChevronWP7 Labs will be coming to an end as soon as those remaining “tokens” sell out. This was (and still is) the onlysanctioned unlocking tool outside of Microsoft’s $99 AppHub and was to serve as the gateway to a large homebrew community. Not to mention allowing new devs without the hundred bucks to play around before committing to the platform.

The team of ChevronWP7 Labs, made up of Long Zheng, Rafael Rivera and Chris Walsh, have put out a statement on the matter:

“ChevronWP7 Labs enters the New Year with 10,000 token sales under our belt. Hooah! Nearly 90% of the tokens we’ve sold have been used to successfully unlock a Windows Phone thus far.

Our agreement with Microsoft was to sell no more than 10,000 tokens. Our team doesn’t currently have plans to renegotiate this number, although it’s a matter we’re still discussing.”

No doubt there have been some difficulties with various configurations of people’s computers and phones as well as some PayPal issues leading perhaps to some frustration on both sides. The question though is this: will we see the return of the ChevronWP7 Labs experiment or will someone else have to take up the cause? We’re sure to find out in 2012…


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