Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 50,000 apps

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace has now reached 50,000 applications.

The Marketplace has grown by 10,000 applications in just over a month. Microsoft previously reached 40,000 apps in mid-November and jumped up to 45,000 apps earlier this monthAll About Windows Phone, who track Windows Phone apps, report that their own software indicates 50,126 items have been published to the Marketplace. 17,276 were added in the last 90 days and 8,010 were added in the last 30 days. The apps come from over 13,000 publishers. Microsoft was on track to reach 50,000 apps by the end of January but appears to have passed the mark a lot earlier than expected. The Marketplace growth has accelerated throughout November and December.

WP7applist, a rival tracking site, is currently reporting 47,325 applications worldwide and explains 5,994 of them are inactive, 57% are available for free and the average price is $1.66 per paid application, a figure that has been dropping each month. Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace is growing at a steady rate. The Marketplace passed 15,000 apps in April just in time for its six month birthday and reached 35,000 apps in October to mark a year of Windows Phone. WP7applist says that 213 apps are updated on average each day. In the last 24 hours, 26 apps were updated and 73 were added.

Windows Phone 7 launched on October 21 with 1,000 applications available in its first week on the market. Microsoft appears to be building up a good momentum amongst application developers. Microsoft recently finalized its Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update and has distributed it to 100% of existing eligble devices. Microsoft’s device partners have also started to release a number of new Windows Phone 7.5 devices, including the HTC RadarHTC TITAN and Samsung Focus S.


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