Design Resources for Windows Phone

This topic describes design resources for Windows Phone, such as application bar icons, design tutorials, Expression Blend for Windows Phone, design templates, and a visual explanation of the Windows Phone design system.


Application Bar for Windows Phone

This topic discusses the Application Bar and the icons that you can use in your apps, which are installed locally as a part of the Windows Phone SDK.

Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone

Expression Blend for Windows Phone is installed as a stand-alone application with the Windows Phone SDK and enables you to create Windows Phone applications using built-in templates. These templates enable you to preview application styles, set the theme, customize the application bar, define page navigation, optimize text input scopes, and select keyboards.

The .toolbox tutorials provide you with practical techniques, tips, and tricks. Learn about the different features of Silverlight by simply drawing, resizing, dragging, and dropping elements onto the design surface of Expression Blend. You get a wide array of content that you can pick and choose from to enable you to start mastering Silverlight and Expression.

Design Templates for Windows Phone 7

A collection of layered Photoshop template files that can be used to create pixel-perfect application layouts, to help guide UI development, or to pitch an idea. These design templates showcase many controls that are a part of the Windows Phone SDK. They also include examples of controls that are a part of Windows Phone, but are not available as a part of the Windows Phone SDK. These additional templates are included to help designers and developers maintain a consistent look and feel across applications for system controls that developers want to mimic.

Windows Phone Design System – Codename Metro

A visual explanation of the inspiration behind the Windows Phone design system codenamed Metro, the seven areas of Windows Phone differentiation, and the Red Threads that are the principles Microsoft used to guide the experiences built into Windows Phone.



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